The UV 3000 Series

UV 3000

Cerex manufactures stock and fully custom UVDOAS analyzers within the UV 3000 product series. Based around a proven UVDOAS data acquisition system, each unit is capable of harnessing our proven methods in your environment. Available in Cross Stack, Rackmount, Probe and Zone configurations, the UV 3000 series of analyzers has something for everyone.

Our UVDOAS analyzers accurately measure common combustion gases, BTEX, SVOC’s, chlorine, ammonia, as well as many more. All our devices feature custom alarms, complete integration into your existing data network, and an unparalleled ease of use.

Stack Analyzers

UV 3000
UV 3000 P

Stack Analyzer models cross stack and custom probe options.

  • Automated quality assurance
  • Insitu, non-contact analysis
  • Superior accuracy
  • No tedious calibrations

Process and Benchtop

UV 3000 F
UV 3000 XF

Rack mount chassis or NEMA enclosure with a variety of external sample cells. Fiber coupled for ease of maintenance and versatility.

  • Insitu process monitoring
  • Extractive process monitoring
  • Ambient and mobile laboratory monitoring

Zone Analyzers

UV 3000 C

Cell based, fixed mount analyzer with multiplexing options for sequential zone monitoring.

  • Easily monitor your entire facility
  • Fast UVDOAS acquisitions
  • Refinery gas ready
  • Extractive process monitoring

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