Open Path Air Monitoring

Detect concentrations of hundreds of gases in real-time over long distances.

AirSentry FTIR Open Path FTIR

Open Path AirSentry FTIR

With hundreds of detectable compounds, the AirSentry FTIR is the monitoring solution for petrochemical industries, semiconductor plants, and site surveys of historically polluted areas. The AirSentry FTIR is the most portable open-path FTIR multi-gas analyzer available in the industry. Cerex commercialized the first open path FTIR over twenty years ago, and has continued to lead the industry with reliable performance and innovative features.

Sentry Series Open Path UVDOAS

Open Path Sentry MX
Sentry Series analyzers are available in both bi-static and mono-static configurations. Cerex open-path UV analyzers are capable of part per trillion (ppt) to percent detection levels over distances of up to 1500 meters. The Sentry Series is perfect for monitoring along property lines, pipelines and tank farms when accuracy and maximal coverage are a must.

For emergency response teams requiring the same performance of an open-path monitor without the setup time, our UV Hound, UV Mini-Hound, UV Micro-Hound, and Shepherd FTIR offer part per billion (ppb) detection levels in an easy to use, ultra portable package.