Maintain specification in your process stream with a Cerex process analyzer.

Our analyzers can accurately detect gases from ppb level to percent level concentrations for precise control of a process stream. Our analyzers feature user programmable alarm levels to control process functions or give warning when a process filter needs replacement. Cerex analyzers are also available customized to customer specification.

UV3000 Universal Gas Detector

Featuring a fiber coupled source and spectrometer, the UV 3000 supports a variety of configurations for integrated leak detection and alarm. Models are available in 19 inch rack mount or for hazardous locations.

Cerex UV3000 Universal Process Gas Detector

Closed Cell AirSentry FTIR Gas Detector

With hundreds of detectable compounds, the AirSentry FTIR is suited for a variety of industries including refinery and chemical manufacturers.
Closed Cell AirSentry FTIR

Closed Cell AirSentry FTIR Process Gas Detector

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