Detect concentrations of hundreds of gases in real-time over long distance.

Our open-path monitors utilize an expansive library of detectable gases for continuous monitoring, from hazardous health sites to refinery emissions. Cerex open-path analyzers feature software programmable adjustment of alarm levels and user configurable relay activated alerts for gas faults. Alarm outputs include 4-20mA signals and SPDT relays for fast, reliable warning. Combined with a wireless or wired network, our analyzers can relay concentration levels from remote locations to a central control station for immediate response.

For emergency response teams requiring the same performance of an open-path monitor without the setup time, our Hound, Mini-Hound, Micro-Hound, and Shepherd offer part per billion (ppb) detection levels in an easy to use, ultra portable package.

Open-Path UV Sentry

The UV Sentry is a low cost open-path UV analyzer capable of accurate part per trillion (ppt) to percent detection levels. The UV Sentry can detect gases which may lead to human health hazards, often with lower detection limits than an IR based system. The UV Sentry is capable of detecting multiple compounds including chlorine, ammonia, and mercury.

Open Path UV Sentry

Open-Path Sentry MS

The Sentry-MS is a mono-static open-path UV analyzer capable of accurate part per trillion (ppt) to percent detection levels. The Sentry-MS achieves lower detection limits than the UV Sentry over the same path length due to its double pass design. The Sentry-MS is capable of detecting the same extensive list of compounds with better detection limits by a factor of two.

Open Path Sentry MS

Open-Path AirSentry FTIR

With hundreds of detectable compounds, the AirSentry FTIR is the monitoring solution for petrochemical industries, semiconductor plants, and site surveys of historically polluted areas. AirSentry is the most portable open-path FTIR sensor available in the industry.

Open Path AirSentry FTIR

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