Cerex specializes in custom solutions for custom applications.

Our engineering staff focuses on developing and manufacturing analyzers to integrate seamlessly into existing systems. With detection levels ranging from the parts-per-trillion to percent, our products can meet your gas detection needs. Our products utilize technologies ranging from broadband infrared or ultraviolet, to tunable diode laser.
This flexibility gives our clients the capability to detect hundreds of compounds. For any application we can customize a solution for you with our extensive list of options. Our DOAS (Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) gas detection provides a more effective solution over electrochemical monitors.

Open-Path Analyzers

Cerex Open Path FTIR
Our open-path analyzers detect gases across paths up to one kilometer. Use Cerex remediation gas detectors to survey site emissions, perimeter leak detection, and detection of ambient gas levels.

Stack Analyzers

Monitor stack emissions via cross-stack, extractive, or in-situ sampling with our versatile analyzers. Cerex stack gas detectors analyze hundreds of compounds over a large spectral range.

Point Analyzers

Determine safe conditions with our ultra portable ppb point detectors. Cerex point gas detectors are ideal for local area sampling and point leak detection.

Process Analyzers

Cerex UV 3000
Monitor critical chemical concentrations within your sealed process stream. Cerex process gas detectors can interface with alarms, send email alerts, and record data for advanced analysis.

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