Cerex Monitoring Solutions develops and manufactures high-tech solutions for real-time gas monitoring.

Providing simple, effective, customized systems for industry, government and the community, Cerex systems have the unique capability to perform multi-component analysis within a single instrument.

Multi-Gas FTIR and UV DOAS Analyzers

Cerex’s roots began in 1994 when the company founder, Tom Wisniewski, began working in Atlanta, Georgia to develop and manufacture one of the first Open Path FTIR remote sensing systems. Since that time, many of the concepts of absorption spectroscopy have been applied and developed into instrumentation solutions. Core technologies that we employ include broadband Infrared and Ultraviolet, as well as tunable diode laser.

Systems built in 1994 are operational and still in use today. This, in itself, demonstrates our continued commitment to excellence in quality assurance and customer support. Since our beginnings over a decade ago, we continue to support each and every piece of equipment ever sold. We maintain inventory to allow us to quickly service existing fielded products, such as the AirSentry (FTIR), UV Sentry and UV Hound products.

We welcome your inquiries about our existing products, and how they might meet your monitoring challenges. Also, talk to our application engineers about any unique needs you may have. Cerex specializes in quickly bringing custom-engineered solutions to final product, while maintaining the highest quality standards. Every Cerex system sold is guaranteed to perform, and we are here to insure the continued success of your gas monitoring program.

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